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New Releases

Postliberal Conservatism

Danny Kruger

Postliberal Conservatism is a new vision for conservative politics from leading MP Danny Kruger. He argues that the politics of self-worship and excessive individualism corrodes the sources of the good life: family, community and nation.

The Paradox of Debt

Richard Vague

The Paradox of Debt argues that, while debt – private and public – is essential to our economy, it also tends to create instability and crisis. A deep-dive analysis of the nation’s entire balance sheet allows us to see how the dynamic force of debt can be managed to maintain both growth and stability.

Unfair Play

Sharron Davies

How to save women’s sport in an age of gender ideology

Feminism Against Progress

Mary Harrington

In this trenchant polemic, Mary Harrington argues that feminists should be more sceptical about progress.

Not Zero

Ross Clark

A forensic critique of the UK government’s climate change policy

Woke Racism

John McWhorter

A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Bestselling author and acclaimed linguist John McWhorter argues that an illiberal neoracism, disguised as antiracism, is hurting black communities and weakening the social fabric.


Yoram Hazony

Why conservatism needs to rediscover its Anglo-American roots in empiricism, faith and patriotism to flourish

Reopening Muslim Minds

Mustafa Akyol

A fascinating journey into Islam’s diverse history of ideas, making an argument for an ‘Islamic Enlightenment’ today.


Announcing Gay Shame by Gareth Roberts

I’m delighted to say here at Forum we’ve signed the brilliant Gareth Roberts to address these tensions. His new book – provisionally entitled Gay Shame: The Rise of Gender Ideology and the New Homophobia – promises not only to be a hard-hitting look at a very important issue, but also a book laced with his characteristic wit and humour.

Announcing Not Zero by Ross Clark

I am delighted to announce another acquisition by Forum Press: Not Zero: How an Irrational Target Will Impoverish You, Help China (and Won’t Even Save the Planet) by Ross Clark. I will concede that when a book against Net Zero – the legally binding government target to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero by 2050 – was proposed to me, I was a little wary. There comes a point when one wonders whether one has the energy to court controversy on yet another subject, particularly one that has increasingly become a taboo area.