Swift Press is an award-winning independent publishing company that launched in June 2020. Part of the Independent Alliance, we publish fiction and a wide range of non-fiction.

New Releases

Is My Child Trans?

Stella O'Malley

A book focusing on the knowledge and practical information parents need to help support a gender dysphoric child, by three experts in the field

Red Smoking Mirror

Nick Hunt

A richly imagined debut novel from a prize-winning writer

Yes! No! But Wait…!

Tim Lott

The One Thing You Need to Know to Write a Novel is the most honest book on how to write a novel ever written.

It is also the most useful.

A Decent World

Ellen Hawley

The new novel from the author of Other People Manage

How to Grow Your Own Poem

Kate Clanchy

Do you want to write a poem? This book will show you ‘how to grow your own poem’…

The Collector

Anne Mette Hancock

'Gripping, endearing, dark, and funny, Anne Mette Hancock has written the best series I've read this year. Kaldan and Schafer are my new favourite crime-solving duo. Highly recommended' - Harlan Coben

The Vedas and Upanishads for Children

Roopa Pai

This joyful, fun guide to some of India’s longest-lasting secular wisdoms is guaranteed to keep you turning the pages

Nearly All the Men in Lagos Are Mad

Damilare Kuku

Nearly All the Men in Lagos Are Mad is a collection of twelve short stories featuring characters with unique voices and stories that represent the diverse class, gender and ethnic melting pot that is Lagos

7 Rules of Power

Jeffrey Pfeffer

With 7 Rules of Power, you’ll learn, through both numerous examples as well as research evidence, how to accomplish change in your organization, your life, the lives of others, and the world


Kate Clanchy

A collection by young poets

Of Boys and Men

Richard V. Reeves

Of Boys and Men is a groundbreaking analysis of how the social and economic world of men has been turned upside down, leaving them adrift and underpowered

Stay, Daughter

Yasmin Azad

'We did not stay in our houses. Not in the way our grandmothers had, or our mothers. We went out a little more and veiled ourselves a little less…'


Mercia’s Take has been shortlisted for The Betty Trask Prize

Daniel Wiles’ debut novel has been included in the ‘brilliant and wide-ranging’ Betty Trask Prize shortlist in the 2023 SoA Awards.

Time to Think has been shortlisted for the Orwell Political Writing Book Prize 2023

Congratulations to Hannah Barnes, whose Sunday Times bestselling and ‘deeply reported, scrupulously non-judgmental’ book Time to Think: The Inside Story of the Collapse of the Tavistock’s Gender Service for Children has been shortlisted in the 2023 Orwell Prizes for the Political Writing Book Prize.