Beyond Grievance

Rakib Ehsan

Manufactured Grievance will examine the growing tensions between the liberal cosmopolitanism which defines much of the British political Left, and the patriotic faith-based conservatism that runs deep in many of Britain’s ethnic-minority communities. While racial identity politics is in the ascendancy in the Labour Party, the book will argue that many in the party are overlooking the attachments to the traditional triad of faith, family and flag in historically Labour-voting ethnic-minority communities – and in so doing presenting an opportunity for the Tories to cultivate a multi-ethnic patriotism which blends social-democratic economics with socio-cultural conservatism.

Instead, the book argues that we need a robust civic nationalism which understands that a stable family unit is the finest form of social security known to humankind; which is unafraid of challenging class-based barriers and distances itself from racial identity politics; an economic settlement which decentralises power and resources; a cultural arrangement which appreciates that faith is a vital source of strength and optimism across a range of religious groups; and a society based on the rule of law, social responsibility, and equality of opportunity.

First published:
June 2, 2022