The Serpent Dance

Sofia Slater

On the Feast of St John the Cornish villagers of Trevennick dance around midsummer bonfires and make offerings to the river. It’s not the sort of thing that appeals to Audrey Delaney, who is very much a city mouse. But when her (sort of, almost) boyfriend Noah whisks her away on a surprise trip to the West Country, she’s determined to do the best she can to enjoy herself, if that’s what it takes to remove the question mark from their relationship.

Then their first night ends in tragedy, and Audrey finds herself stuck in the back of beyond, embroiled in a police inquiry, and unsure who to trust. Not Noah, who obviously had an ulterior motive for bringing her here. And certainly none of the villagers: brooding mussel farmer Trevor, weirdly intense vicar Lamorna, and infuriatingly cocky and omnipresent jack-of-all-trades Griffin. She’ll have to untangle the mysteries of this insular community quickly, though, because people are dying fast. The river will have its due…


ISBN: 9781800750500

Published: June 13, 2024


ISBN: 9781800752566

Published: June 13, 2024


Reviews for The Serpent Dance

‘Pretty much the perfect modern murder mystery’ Ellery Lloyd, author of The Club, on Auld Acquaintance


Sofia Slater

Sofia Slater was raised in the American West, and lived in France, Scotland and Oxford before settling in London. She holds degrees in philosophy and languages from Smith College and UCL. As well as writing fiction, she translates from French and Spanish. Auld Acquaintance is her debut novel.