The Collector

Anne Mette Hancock

A boy has disappeared from his school. Heloise Kaldan heads over there to look into it. At the schoolyard she runs into her close friend Erik Schäfer, the outspoken investigator on this case. The boy, Lukas, doesn’t show up, but his phone does. It reveals that Lukas is obsessed with pareidolia: the psychological phenomenon that makes us see faces in random things. One particular photo of a barn door that looks like a face catches their attention. Is this where Lukas is?

Heloise is ordered to drop her current article, a controversial investigation into soldiers with PTSD, to cover the story of the missing boy. But when things that point to the traumatized soldiers appear in Lukas’ case, Schäfer will need Heloise’s help making heads or tails of this enormous jumble of clues…


ISBN: 9781800751514

Published: June 1, 2023


ISBN: 9781800751521

Published: November 8, 2022


Reviews for The Collector

‘Gripping, endearing, dark, and funny, Anne Mette Hancock has written the best series I’ve read this year. Kaldan and Schafer are my new favourite crime-solving duo. Highly recommended‘ – Harlan Coben

‘Hancock writes with a razor-sharp pen, wittily and with originality. I simply adore her books’ – Katrine Engberg, #1 internationally bestselling author of The Tenant and The Butterfly House

IngeniousTaut, menacing, and intensely thrilling, it never lets go’ – Daily Mail on The Corpse Flower


Anne Mette Hancock

Anne Mette Hancock lives in Copenhagen with her two children. In 2017 her debut The Corpse Flower introduced readers to journalist Heloise Kaldan and police officer Erik Schäfer. It won the Danish Crime Academy’s debutant prize, was a #1 bestseller in Denmark and a top ten bestseller in Europe. The sequel, The Collector, was published in Denmark in 2018 and will be published by Swift in 2023.