My Own Worst Enemy

Robert Edric

‘A masterpiece’ The Spectator

My Own Worst Enemy is an honest and moving memoir of a working-class childhood in 1960s Sheffield, and the relationship between a touchy, overbearing bully of a father and a son whose acceptance to grammar school puts him on another track entirely.

In wry but compassionate prose, Robert Edric vividly depicts a now-vanished era: of working-men’s clubs; of tight-knit communities in factory towns; and of a time when a woman’s place was in the home. And he brings to colourful life his family, both close and extended – though over all of it hovers the barely-suppressed frustration and anger of his own father.

My Own Worst Enemy is a brilliantly specific portrait both of particular time and place – the Sheffield of half a century ago – and a universal story of childhood and family, and the ways they can go right or wrong.

First published:
February 24, 2022


Reviews for My Own Worst Enemy

‘Edric’s novels constitute one of the most astonishing bodies of work to appear from a single author for a generation’ – Daily Telegraph

‘Much contemporary fiction seems inconsequential and fleeting by comparison’ Guardian

‘Edric is a novelist who makes his own rules and can’t be compared with anyone else’ – The Times