Cynical Theories

Helen Pluckrose, James Lindsay

Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity―and Why
This Harms Everybody


ISBN: 9781800750326


ISBN: 9781800750043


ISBN: 9781800750050

First published:
September 10, 2020


Reviews for Cynical Theories

Book of the Year – The Times

Book of the Year – Sunday Times

Book of the Year – Financial Times

Brilliant‘ – Daily Telegraph

Exposes the surprisingly shallow intellectual roots of the movements that appear to be engulfing our culture – Steven Pinker

‘If you want to know the philosophy behind cancel culture and why it is so creepy, get this book. Then, give it to your friends and family’ – Ayaan Hirsi Ali


Helen Pluckrose

Helen Pluckrose is a liberal political and cultural writer and speaker. She is the editor of Areo Magazine and the author of many popular essays on postmodernism, critical theory, liberalism, secularism, and feminism. A participant in the Grievance Studies Affair probe, which highlighted problems in social justice scholarship, she is today an exile from the humanities, where she researched late medieval and early modern religious writing by and for women. She lives in England and can be found on Twitter @HPluckrose.

James Lindsay

James Lindsay is a mathematician with a background in physics and founder of New Discourses ( He is interested in the psychology of religion, authoritarianism, and extremism. His books include Everybody Is Wrong about God, Life in Light of Death, and How to Have Impossible Conversations. His essays have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Philosophers’ Magazine, Scientific American, and Time. He led the Grievance Studies Affair probe that made international headlines in 2018, including the front page of the New York Times. He lives in Tennessee and can be found on Twitter @ConceptualJames.