Helen Wan

Helen Wan is the author of The Partner Track, about an Asian American woman navigating the alien corporate culture at a prestigious global law firm. Her novel is frequently taught in universities and law schools and is being translated into several languages. Helen writes primarily about how race, class and culture impact ambition and our pursuit of happiness. Her nonfiction has appeared in the Washington Post,, the Daily Beast, and elsewhere. Before becoming a writer, she practiced law in New York for many years.

The Partner Track began as subway scribblings on a legal pad when Helen was a first-year associate at a big New York firm. It is now an original TV series on Netflix.

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The Partner Track

‘Smart, incisive, and fast-paced, The Partner Track is a sparklingly readable look at the inner workings of a Wall Street law firm – from the vantage point of a brainy, beautiful and self-doubting Asian-American associate’ - Susan Cain, New York Times bestselling author of Quiet