The much-loved inspiration behind the Netflix film featuring the voices of Whoopi Goldberg, Jacob Tremblay and Gaten Matarazzo

When Elmer Elevator hears about the baby dragon being held captive on Wild Island, he knows just what to do. First, he packs his knapsack with important supplies, like chewing gum, lollipops and lots of rubber bands. Then he stows away on a ship headed for the island. Along the way, Elmer meets many exotic animals who try to sidetrack him, but Elmer has some tricks up his sleeve … or more precisely, in his knapsack. One way or another, he will rescue the dragon! Three Tales of My Father’s Dragon contains the trilogy of classics that has been delighting children for more than seventy years, and which has inspired the Netflix film: My Father’s Dragon, Elmer and the Dragon and The Dragons of Blueland.


When a little boy Elmer strikes up a friendship with an alley cat, he learns of a baby dragon that is being forced to serve as a ferry for the selfish animals of Wild Island. Elmer determines at once to free the dragon, and with a bit of advice from the savvy cat, he arms himself with chewing gum, lollipops, rubber bands and some other unlikely items. With these tools and his own sharp wits, Elmer is prepared to face hungry tigers, cranky crocodiles and other challenges.

Both a Newbery Honor Book and an American Library Association Notable Book, this charming story has delighted generations of readers since its original publication in 1948.

‘A real delight’ – New Yorker

Book three in the My Father’s Dragon trilogy

Elmer is safe and sound at home in Evergreen Park while Boris is heading to Blueland, where he’ll reunite with his family. There’s just one problem: hunters have trapped Boris’ family and plan to capture and sell them to zoos all over the world! When Boris discovers the hunters’ plan, he knows exactly who to go to for help – Elmer Elevator, whose creative plans and schemes always save the day.

With time ticking away and the hunters ready to pounce, will Elmer rescue the dragons of Blueland in time?

Book two in the My Father’s Dragon trilogy

After his exciting adventures on Wild Island, Elmer is ready to go home. Luckily his new friend the baby dragon offers to fly him there. But when a storm forces them to make an emergency landing, they find themselves on Feather Island. This exotic place is inhabited by all the escaped canaries of the world and ruled by a curious canary desperately searching for buried treasure. Can clever Elmer use his creativity to save the day one more time?

Osaik is an eight-year-old boy. He is charming and has an unusual ability to hear things no one else hears. But his world is thrown into disarray when a debilitating disease takes his mother from him.

Despite his grief, he has to find a way of saving his little sister, Eghe, from the same disease. Alongside his dad, and Kompa his dog, they begin a race to get her all the help she needs.

In this dramatic, fast-paced story of loss, faith and hope, the limits of love, sacrifice, friendship, loyalty, and family ties are tested as the struggle to save his sister’s life brings Osaik and those around him to a new knowledge of the world they can see, the world they cannot see, and the part of themselves they never knew existed.

For ages 9+.